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Baby Toes


Comprehensive Initial Visit

 - Comprehensive health history of both mom and baby

 - Visual assessment of both mom and baby

 - Observation of a feeding

 - Feedback and tips

 - A clear, written plan for you to follow

 - A summary of the visit sent to your health care provider

 -Secure messaging support via portal after visit for 1 week


75 - 90 minute visit



Woman Texting

Text Support*


Need a lifeline? Sick of google? Feeling overwhelmed? Quick response time.

Unlimited texting for 10 days.


*This service is for moms who I have already seen.

It is important for me to know your history!

Beyond the first week after your visit.

 Text Support: $175 

Pregnant Women Meeting At Ante Natal Class_edited.jpg

Prenatal Class


Let’s talk about how this whole thing works.


75 minutes

$175 personalized private

($100 each when you invite a friend)

Back to Work Consult


Heading back to work and have questions about the logistics and protecting your milk production?

Let’s talk and make a plan.


45 minutes



Working with kids. Young focused woman mother wearing eyeglasses using laptop and thinking

Pumping Consult


New to the pumping game?


Want to make sure you are getting the most of your pump? 


45 minutes



Mother and Baby on Floor

Follow-Up Visit

 Let's meet after our initial visit to check in on your progress.


Are things going well? Have more questions? Do we need to tweak the plan?

45 minutes



Hospital Support


Have some questions? Off to a bumpy start? Just need some reassurance?


Video or texting support while you are in the hospital.


You are required to fill out an intake form with your medical, pregnancy and delivery history.


15 minutes


Crib Mobile

Weaning Consult


Let's talk about how to safely and comfortably wean your baby.


45 min.



New Mom's Group 

Let's talk. Bring your questions, struggles, wins and gather together in a safe, nurturing, non judgmental space.


Group will meet Wednesday mornings.


(limit 6 per group)


45 min.



Mother and Son
Baby with Toys

Bottle Feeding Support

Having trouble introducing a bottle to your baby? Not sure which bottle to use? This is only for bottle issues. If there are other issues, a different service would be appropriate!



60 min


All services are available either online or in the office. If you choose an online option, it will be via HIPPA compliant Zoom.

Once you have registered as a patient you will:

-Receive a link to register as a patient/sign up for a class or service

-Have access to a portal with secured messaging and records of your visits.

-Receive an email confirming your visit with tips on how to prepare for your visit

-Receive text and email reminders of your appointment

If you are unsure which service is right for you, send me a message!

Medical Disclaimer


Milk Street Lactation Support Services LLC provides education, support and guidance regarding infant feeding and care. Every effort has been made to provide up-to-date and accurate information, but the information on this website should never be used to diagnose or treat problems you may be experiencing. Information shared on this website is not intended to replace medical advice or care from your healthcare provider. Consult with your or your baby's health care team before making decisions about your care or the care of your baby.​

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