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"Beth Iovinelli was on speed dial while breastfeeding both of my children. She understands how frustrating nursing can be for new mothers and offers guidance with a reassurance that you are doing a great job (and isn't that what all mom's need to hear?). She helped me find the best holds and most comfortable positions for me and and my baby, not a generic how-to. Every baby is different, every mama is different and every boob is different. No one knows this, teaches this or reminds you of this more than Beth."


-Liz Lowe


"As a new mom I now totally get the phrase "it takes a village" and in the un-intuitive world of breastfeeding, Beth Iovinelli IS that village. She delivers substantive and helpful advice in a way that instantly disarms new mom nerves. I'm rounding into month 6 of breastfeeding my son thanks to her!"

-Shala Burroughs


"Beth is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. My baby was very frustrated with my very low milk supply, was losing weight fast, and I was about to give up. Beth saved us and through her suggestions and encouragement, made me truly love breastfeeding!"


-Deb Riley

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“As a first time mom, breastfeeding seemed intimidating. I left the hospital with a plan but needed some help on execution. Beth took the time to listen to me and together we worked on everything from latching and positioning to reading my baby's cues and understanding my body. Everytime I left a session with her I felt more empowered and confident.”

-Rebecca Mulkerin

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When I was pregnant, everyone kept telling me that Beth is THE best for lactation support in Fairfield County. I couldn't agree more. Beth single-handedly saved our breastfeeding journey. Unfortunately, the wonderful hospital I delivered my son at had no lactation consultant. As a first-time mom, I was at a loss when things didn't go the way I envisioned. Our son was unable to latch, and we were clueless with how to handle it. I had taken Beth's breastfeeding class during my pregnancy, and I knew I could reach out to her for help. 48 hours after my son's birth, Beth was at our house. As soon as she walked through the door, her calming presence made me feel hopeful. Beth immediately noticed our son's tongue-tie and helped us develop a plan to alleviate some of his feeding difficulties. She also helped me learn the best ways to increase my milk supply and assisted in fitting proper sizing for all the accessories I needed for feeding and pumping. What I like most about Beth is how realistic she is. She prioritized my mental health first and kept reminding us that supplementing with formula was not due to my "failure" as a mother. My low-milk supply isn't something we could magically make disappear, but she empowered me to keep trying. Rather than giving up entirely, Beth supported me with continual reminders that breastfeeding never has to be "all or nothing". There were many days in the beginning when I wanted to give up completely. I am happy to report that breastmilk is still part of my son's diet at nearly 4 months-old. I cannot recommend Beth highly enough to new mothers in need of lactation support."

-Laura Young (@the_laura_young)


"I am so excited to welcome Beth Iovinelli R.N., IBCLC and her new lactation practice, Milk Street, to East Norwalk. Beth has been one of my mentors on my journey toward board certification in lactation. I have had the opportunity to learn from Beth’s expertise in lactation, as well as, to cotreat numerous mommy and baby dyads with her. Beth is truly a gift to parents and their precious babies as she helps them to navigate breastfeeding challenges. She has a unique way of making families feel comfortable and sharing knowledge in a respectful, and easy manner. Using examples from dining out in a restaurant, Beth (AKA the “Baby Waitress”) always gets a laugh from appreciative parents!"


- Lori L. Overland M.S., CCC, C/NDT, CLC, FOM Alphabet Soup Pediatric Oral Sensory Motor/Feeding Therapy

"Beth's calm presence, warm personality and supportive nature makes her families feel instantly at ease. Beth looks beyond the breast to see the individuals involved as whole people. Her support is not just about feeding babies but about empowering new parents. For those times when breastfeeding isn't going as planned, Beth is able to translate her years of experience into creating unique plans to help families achieve their infant feeding goals."

Marissa Mesiya, APRN, IBCLC

"Beth has a great way of meeting each mother where she is and helping her achieve her own goal with lots of knowledge, care, compassion, and humor. Beth is a wonderful resource to guide you along any rough spots, as well as navigating the normal course of breastfeeding."

Lori Storch Smith, MD

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