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Mom Review

"Beth Iovinelli was on speed dial while breastfeeding both of my children. She understands how frustrating nursing can be for new mothers and offers guidance with a reassurance that you are doing a great job (and isn't that what all mom's need to hear?). She helped me find the best holds and most comfortable positions for me and and my baby, not a generic how-to. Every baby is different, every mama is different and every boob is different. No one knows this, teaches this or reminds you of this more than Beth."

- Liz Lowe


"I am so excited to welcome Beth Iovinelli R.N., IBCLC and her new lactation practice, Milk Street, to East Norwalk. Beth has been one of my mentors on my journey toward board certification in lactation. I have had the opportunity to learn from Beth’s expertise in lactation, as well as, to cotreat numerous mommy and baby dyads with her. Beth is truly a gift to parents and their precious babies as she helps them to navigate breastfeeding challenges. She has a unique way of making families feel comfortable and sharing knowledge in a respectful, and easy manner. Using examples from dining out in a restaurant, Beth (AKA the “Baby Waitress”) always gets a laugh from appreciative parents!"


- Lori L. Overland M.S., CCC, C/NDT, CLC, FOM Alphabet Soup Pediatric Oral Sensory Motor/Feeding Therapy

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