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  • Convert breast milk HMOs into metabolites crucial to development 

  • Suppress growth of potentially pathogenic bacteria within days of delivery 

  • Control intestinal inflammation 

  • Direct immune system development towards healthy function 


(includes mixing bowl and syringe )


REFILLS - $119

***Available for local pickup, perishable item that needs to be refrigerated / frozen


"I have been working with Beth since my son was just a few days old for lactation support. Three weeks into it my son became very fussy, uncomfortable, gassy and grunting nonstop. He would cry all day and scream when he needed to pass gas or a stool. I tried gripe water, mylicon gas relief, and Pepcid, nothing seemed to work.  Until Beth told me about Evivo. It was a game changer, a complete life saver for me and my son. After just a week of consistent use I started to see a difference, his grunting calmed down, he wasn’t as fussy and stools became a lot easier to pass. Now two months later everything is completely gone, he is one happy baby! It was the miracle I have been searching for. From an Evivo mom and son, this product is life changing!"


When babies are born, they receive their first gut bacteria from their moms. These bacteria grow into a community in baby’s gut. We call them the infant gut microbiome, and nature has designed a process where mom transfers one particularly important good bacteria to baby: B. infantis. Unfortunately, due to the widespread use of antibiotics and C-sections, the vast majority of babies are not receiving this important strain of good bacteria from their moms, and it is then missing in baby’s microbiome. 

If babies are missing this key bacteria, can infant probiotics help? Scientists at the University of California, Davis discovered that B. infantis is THE key player in baby gut health, helping build a strong immune system by crowding out the bad bacteria linked to eczema, colic, allergies, diabetes and obesity. If babies are missing this bacteria, a probiotic that contains activated B. infantis – available exclusively in Evivo - is the answer.

B. infantis is the only strain of bacteria that can consume all the special carbohydrates in breastmilk that are otherwise indigestible by baby. B. infantis converts them into nutrients your baby needs during the critical time of baby’s first six months. By crowding out the harmful bacteria in baby’s gut, B. infantis can thrive, dominate and protect baby’s gut. And because this is such a critical time in baby’s developing immune system and metabolism, baby receives the benefits of this protection to set baby up for lifelong health. 




If your nipples are sore, it is important to get to the bottom of why you are having pain. In the meantime, applying oils or balms can be comforting and soothing.

This 3 in 1 oil combines the healing properties of coconut oil, shea butter and calendula.You can spray it directly on sore nipples or use it in the flange of your pump to improve comfort.

Milk Street now has spray oil available for purchase!


***Available for local pickup



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These topical oils and other balms and butters that are on the market are great, but if you keep re-injuring your nipple the healing will not happen!


Did you know you can hand express your own milk and apply it to your nipples?


Breastmilk has antimicrobial properties and can help to soothe and heal your nipples!

These oils do not need to be wiped off before breastfeeding.




COCONUT OIL: antibacterial and antifungal
CALENDULA: speeds up the healing rate of skin and soothes inflammation
SHEA BUTTER: supports wound healing and decreases skin irritation

These oils are less sticky and thick compared to lanolin.

(Most hospitals provide it for moms.)

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