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These are some links to the most reliable and well researched websites.

There are a lot of great (and not so great) websites out there.

These are excellent!

American Academy of Pediatrics

The guiding organization of pediatricians, this site contains up to date information on caring for you children. A thorough, evidence based website used by parents and experts alike.

Stanford Medical

One of the leading hospitals in the country. The hand expression video on this site is very helpful and one I refer moms to quite frequently.

Infant Risk

Infant Risk

Up-to-date, scientific information on medications and breastfeeding.

International Lactation Consultant Association

Learn more about what a board certified lactation consultant is and find one near you!

Natural Breastfeeding For An Easier Start

This website is all about baby led latching. This approach is an incredible way for moms to relax and let the baby follow her instincts to self attach! Check out the video on their homepage. 


A thorough, evidence based website used by parents and experts alike.

La Leche League International

The original breastfeeding support organization with resources all over the world. A great place to look for support in your area in addition to a wealth of breastfeeding information


Run by the US government providing a wealth of information, education, resources and policy


First droplets is an aesthetically beautiful website and it is full of information. There is a wonderful video on hand expression that I find very helpful.

Global Health Media

Video on positioning while breastfeeding.

Maya Bolman IBCLC

Helpful videos! 



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