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Dale Earnhardt has one (and so should every new mom!)

What on earth would a new mom need that Dale Earnhardt has? A pit crew of course! A pit crew is all about support and knowledge and encouragement. They are there when the car needs gas, the driver needs advice or the tires need more air. When working with new moms, I always tell them to assemble their very own “pit crew”. Now you don’t need Tony, the mechanic from the car dealer, but you do need people who are there to support you. While moms-to-be are poised with pens and paper at the prenatal classes I teach, I tell them one of the most important things (other than having lots of diapers on hand!) is to write a list of people who will support them. It should include friends who are supportive, family who will pitch in and really help and experts who can answer questions when you simply do not know the answer . So before you enter the race of new mommy hood, be smart—-assemble the best pit crew you can find. Start your engines!

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