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Even the most even keeled, logical person can transform into someone quite unrecognizable when a new baby arrives. After a few days of working with a new mom on some breastfeeding issues, the day had come to be discharged. She was showered and calm as I reviewed some last minute discharge instructions. Her cell phone rang and it was her husband, who was at the store. He had made numerous trips out and had grilled his wife; “What else do we need?” and “Are we sure we have everything?” She hung up laughing after she had reassured him that whatever they didn’t have could be fixed with a quick trip to the store. She continued to smile as she told me what a change she had seen in his personality. She recounted how she panicked when her water broke, while he remained calm. Even throughout the pregnancy when she would express anxiety about something, he would be the calming force and would use logic to sort through whatever she was worried about. “You don’t understand, ” she said to me still laughing, “this is the most logical, level headed man there is…nothing ever ruffles his feathers. It is just so funny to see him this way. He must have asked you a million questions and asked me a million times what else we needed to buy!” I laughed with her, and we both looked at the baby as she began to stir and fuss a bit. “Babies change everything,” I said, as she scooped up her daughter and held her close. “They sure do.” she said “They sure do.”

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