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Being a new parent can be so overwhelming. Many new (and even experienced) parents that have high expectations of perfectly well executed schedules, perfectly well behaved babies and a nirvana-like state after the baby is born. Don’t get me wrong, you will be happy and there will be bliss; just allow for mistakes, and bumps in the road.

It was discharge day for a mother of three. She was sitting in the rocker, holding the baby, dressed and ready to go. Her somewhat distracted and sleep deprived husband was leaning against the wall with his coat still on, sipping his coffee. As I was chatting with mom about going home, Dad muttered “Darn, darn”…followed by a deep sigh. Mom paused from our conversation to see what was bothering him. “I put the car seat in the car, but I just realized, I brought the wrong car!! I’ll be back, I’ll be back…darn it, how did I do that?!” He whisked out of the room before she had a chance to respond…

After he closed the door, she and I burst into laughter. “Poor guy”, she said, he has been so overwhelmed since the baby was born. In that moment, he felt disorganized and completely frustrated, when he wanted to be in control and the picture of organization. I wish he could have seen just how funny the situation was. Taking a step back, it is the stuff that sitcoms are made of!

When things don’t go smoothly, be patient with yourself (and your partner!) and cut yourself some slack!

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